Snowmobile light/helmet light LUMONITE Navigator2, 4195 lm

Powerful and efficient lamp for snowmobiles etc. Battery or transformer included in the package. WE RECOMMEND!

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The battery is equipped with a charge indicator in five stages

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Powerful and efficient lamp for snowmobiles etc. Battery or transformer included in the package. WE RECOMMEND!

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 4195 LUMEN - 300 METERS 


The package is based on the LUMONITES® DX3500 lamp, which has the best price/size/power ratio on the market. The lamp can either be attached to a helmet or to the snowmobile, for example on the hood to act as a super efficient additional light. With the included GoPro-compatible mount, endless motoring possibilities are created, but can be advantageously mounted on the helmet. By mounting the lamp on the helmet, the light can always follow the direction of the eye, and in this way there is always light where it is needed. This gives the driver better conditions to react and plan his driving. In addition, you get lighting outside the scooter's own lights, e.g. when you turn your head backwards or sideways. Of course, these light packs work for other activities than just scootering, they are also great for enduro, motocross, off-road or downhill cycling, etc.

Note! If you are looking for an even more powerful model, you should take a look at the Snowmobile light/helmet light LUMONITE Leader (DX6500)

The video shows the larger model LUMONITEⓇ Leader

The DX3500 lamp on which the package is based produces a whopping 4195 lumens (measured in Valostore's own light laboratory). With a set of two lamps, a shocking luminous flux of up to 8390 measured lumens is achieved. This amount of light, combined with precision machined reflector optics, illuminates the terrain in a way never seen before. Together with the lamp's range of 300 meters and its advanced top-class optics, the DX3500 is the given first choice in the most demanding conditions of use. The combined light cone ensures a perfect light pattern: wide spot in the middle and plenty of scattered light to the sides, which in turn creates a wide and comprehensive light pattern of over 180°. This means that the driver's entire field of vision is illuminated, without any dark spots.

The packages include either one or two LUMONITEⓇ Slimcore 75 batteries which provide a maximum light flow for up to 3 hours, there are also packages that include (can also be purchased separately if desired) a 12V transformer, which supplies the lamp with power directly from the scooter. These packages have not been created by chance, but have been created for situations where absolute maximum performance and power are required.

Note! A high-quality GoPro mount (and a 360°, GoPro-compatible stand) is included, which makes it easy to attach the light to, for example, a helmet. The mount can be adjusted both vertically and laterally.

Depending on the package, the lamp is delivered with 1 or 2 pieces of 50 and 100 cm extension cables, which enables an easy installation on, for example, a helmet. In addition, necessary brackets are included for neat cable management. Thanks to the light's GoPro adapter, the light can be attached to all GoPro-compatible mounts. The packages are both efficient and complete, offering countless possibilities of use that will allow you to enjoy your hobby even after the sun has gone down!

1 lamp incl. battery + GoPro mount (4195 lumens):

2 lamps incl. battery + GoPro mount (8390 lumens):

1 lamp with transformer (4195 lumens):

1 lamp incl. battery + helmet mount (4195 lumens):

2 lamps incl. battery + helmet mount (8390 lumens):

Lumonite DX3500 is designed based on user feedback and manufactured specifically to meet the needs of the most demanding users. The cone of light produced by the DX3500 lamp is very wide, but produces a very strong spot in the center of the light beam, which has a measured range of a full 300 meters. The light produced is wide enough to illuminate the entire field of vision at once, providing a very pleasant user experience.

The starting point maximum continuous luminous flux

The starting point for Lumonite DX3500's design has been the highest possible continuous power - and the maximum cooling power required. This has been achieved by making the entire lamp a large cooling element with cooling fins. The lamp's fixture is made in a single piece of T6061 aluminum, which ensures the best possible heat dissipation. In addition, the advanced thermal management electronics constantly monitor the lamp's temperature and keep the light output as high as possible under all conditions.

Technical specification

  • Brand and model: Lumonite DX3500
  • Manufacturer's reported luminous flux: 3500 lm
    • Valostore's measured luminous flux: 4195 lm
  • Valostore's measured range: 300 meters
  • Valostore's measured color temperature: 5037 K
  • Battery: Lumonite Slimcore 75, 74.9Wh / 14.4V / 5200mAh
  • Charging time: approx. 2.5 hours
  • Operating modes: 4
  • Dimensions / weight (lamp): 68 x 65 x 39 mm / 115 g
  • Battery dimensions / weight: 79 x 165 x 25 (H/W/D) / 472 g
  • Protection class (lamp): IPX6
    • Protection class (battery): IPX4
  • Warranty: Lamp 60 months / Charger 24 months / Battery 12 months
  • Importer: Handshake Finland /

Performance (ANSI/FL1) (one lamp)

  • Max: 3500+ lm* / 300 m / 3:00 h (*Measured maximum output 4195 lm)
  • High: 2200 lm / 230 m / 6:45 h
  • Medium: 1000 lm / 160 m / 13:00 h
  • Low: 280 lm / 80 m / 48:00 h

Emergency light - does not turn off suddenly

The Lumonite DX3500 lamp fixture is equipped with an intelligent backup light function. Instead of draining the entire battery's capacity and the lamp going out abruptly, the brightness is automatically reduced to approx. 250 lumens when the remaining battery is low. This reserve mode gives you over an hour of extra light, all so that you are not suddenly left alone in the dark.

Quick guide

Lumonite DX series lamps are easy to use. The lamp is switched on by using the switch on the top of the lamp. Then a button press switches between the effect modes in the order Low -> Med -> High. The maximum mode is activated with a simple double click. Double-click again to return to the previous effect mode.

Note! The transformer package is delivered with an ON/OFF switch. When connected to a lamp, the transformer consumes some current even when the lamp is off, so during long storage it can drain the vehicle's battery if the transformer is connected directly to the battery. Therefore, you should install a circuit breaker in between. The best solution is, of course, to connect the transformer directly to e.g. the vehicle's fuse box or other place where the current is interrupted when the vehicle is switched off and the battery is not discharged.

User manual in PDF format: Lumonite DX3500 Manual (opens in new window)

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