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You will register as a customer of ours when ordering the products we provide. At the same time, you will accept our general terms and conditions of purchase.

Product and price information.
All product and price information is shown on our webstore. The prices exclude shipping, unless otherwise stated.

Delivery and shipping
We deliver all around the world, excluding the exceptions listed below*. Orders will be delivered straight to the customer using international carriers. Carrier and delivery method may vary depending on the delivery country. Delivery cost depends on the delivery address and method. Applied delivery cost and method will be mentioned in Shopping cart before proceeding the payment.

Delivery time
We process our orders within 1 - 2 working days of receiving the order. The delivery time for the products in stock at the moment of placing the order is usually 3-7 working days. Estimated time of receiving to our stock is stated separately for each product, in case the product is not in our stock.

If the product, or some of the products are out of stock at the moment of ordering, in principle we wait until all products arrive in our stock and ship them all together at the same delivery.

Alternative shipping address
You can also order our products without extra cost for delivery to other than your regular address. In this case, please state your desired shipping address on the order form in addition to your own address. 

We reserve the right not to deliver based on bad credit, missing personal information, problems with carrier or incorrect stock balance. If the order has been paid, the paid amount will be refunded to the customer.

Payment Methods
Products and their shipping costs will be paid with the order. In the webstore, you can use the following payment methods: PayPal.

The customer always has 14 days to return the product. This time period begins from the time of product reception. The right of return applies only to unused products. The product and its package needs to be in good, selling condition. The customer is responsible for paying the return fees. Please contact our customer service to agree on a return.

Tax refunds

All our prices include 24% VAT. Customers ordering in another EU member country will pay the VAT within the purchase price. Also customers ordering outside EU will pay the VAT within the purchase price, but their VAT (24% of the product prices) will be refunded on the customer's request. The requests must be sent to info[at] Refunds will be done via Paypal.

Orders damaged while shipping
If your package was damaged while shipping, and the products ordered are damaged, please issue a damage report by post office immediately. After doing this, please contact us for a replacement product.

Defective products
If the product you have ordered has a material or a manufacturing defect, please contact our customer service by contact form immediately. This way we can handle the issue as quickly as possible.


Lumonite manufactures all its products from first-class, durable and high-quality components and that's why Lumonite offers an exceptionally long, 5-year (60 months) warranty for all lamps. This warranty covers manufacturing defects in the chassis or electronics (including LED) that have occurred during 5 years of normal use. The warranty does not cover wear of plastic, rubber or glass parts, headband or cables due to improper use, modifications or use in extreme sports or conditions. The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or the normal deterioration of battery capacity during use, but Lumonite offers a one-year (12 month) warranty for batteries against manufacturing defects.

Warranty of build-in batteries
The built-in battery has a warranty of at least 12 months.

As all batteries lose their capacity over time and the way the battery is used has a significant effect on maintaining capacity, the extended warranty for the battery is limited:

The 60-month warranty does not cover normal battery wear or damage to the battery due to improper use. Normal wear and tear is considered to be present if at least 65% of the original capacity of the battery is found to be no more than 60 months after the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover damage to the battery and / or loss of capacity if the battery has been stored empty, exposed to cold or otherwise improperly for a long time.

If necessary, lamps battery can be replaced by Lumonite. Check the current price of non-warranty replacement work with Lumonite Service.

Force majeure shall not be liable for such circumstances where the delivery is prevented, hindered or delayed by an issue outside the reasonable control of These elements include factors such as war, Acts of God, embargoes, government orders, failures in general traffic or energy distribution, strikes or other elements disturbing or hindering the action of, such as death, illness or a less severe disturbance or failure that is humanly justified.

*Exceptions in the delivery countries

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Iceland
  • Russia
  • Note! There may be other, new exceptions that we are not aware of yet. In case you place an orded to an address where we are unable to deliver, full refund will be made.
  • Note! Restrictions apply on the locations we are able to deliver lithium-ion batteries! Availability can be checked from the DHL list.

Additional information about terms of delivery / use is available by email.

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