LUMONITE® DX3500, 4195 lm

Lumonite DX3500 lamp fixture for use on helmets etc. Laboratory measured light output of 4195 lm. Best size/power ratio!

Product number: HS5372-14714

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TIP! Thanks to the smart attachment device, the lamp can easily be used as bicycle lighting!

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Lumonite DX3500 lamp fixture for use on helmets etc. Laboratory measured light output of 4195 lm. Best size/power ratio!


The LUMONITEⓇ DX3500 light fixture can deliver an incredible 4195 lumens of laboratory measured light performance and 300 meter range, while weighing as little as 115 grams. The ultimate choice for situations that require maximum light, such as orienteering, enduro, extreme sports or riding - or if you're just looking for a really efficient and compact lamp!

The DX3500 is equipped with a smart combination light cone, which provides a wide hotspot with a range of 300 meters in the middle and plenty of scattered light to the sides. Thanks to the clever attachment device, the DX3500 luminaire can also be attached to the bicycle handlebar. Perfectly suited for those who deal with mountain biking. You can find the mounts here → Mounting loops, and battery here → LUMONITEⓇ Slimcore.

ATTENTION! We also sell a complete headlamp package with the LUMONITEⓇ DX3500 fixture. See LUMONITEⓇ Navigator2.

Technical specification

  • Light source: 5 x High Power LED
  • Power mode / range / burn time (with Slimcore 75 battery):
    • Max: 3500+ lm* / 300 m / 3:00 h (*Laboratory measured luminous flux 4195 lm)
    • High: 2200 lm / 230 m / 6:45 h
    • Med: 1000 lm / 160 m / 13:00 h
    • Low: 280 lm / 80 m / 48:00 h
  • Advanced, intelligent heat dissipation
  • Fixture dimensions and weight: 68 x 65 x 39 mm / 115 g
  • Valostore's measured color temperature: 5037 K
  • Operating voltage: 14.4V
  • Max power: 29 W
  • Warranty: 60 months

Transformer is also available, which makes it possible to connect the luminaire to an external power source, e.g. a snowmobile. Works with 12V voltage. Also check out the new GoPro adapter! → D-Nut GoPro adapter

Quick guide

Getting started with using the Lumonite DX series lamps is easy. The lamp is switched on by pressing the switch on the top. Then you can switch through the power modes by pressing the switch - the lamp switches between the modes in the order Low-Med-High. The Max mode can also be activated directly with a double press of the switch. You deactivate the max mode in the same way.

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