Headlamp LUMONITE Pixel, 250 lm

USB rechargeable, very compact headlamp for home, hobby and light work use. Superior price-performance-quality ratio. Completely waterproof and shockproof, 5-year warranty. Including everything you need!

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  1. Good quality, nice floody light, but maybe too cold. NO battery indicator! Also replaceable battery would be nice.
    Kalenska H 8.1.2024
  2. Smidig med bra ljus
    A M 14.3.2024
  3. Lamppu kesti yhteensä alle 40 käyttötuntia jaettuna kolmen kuukauden ajalle. Nyt lamppu purkaa akun ...
    Simpura S 27.2.2024
    Lumonite: Hei! Pahoittelemme tätä. Normaalilta toiminnalta t...
  4. Grym och tillförlitlig
    Weihard F 20.2.2024
  5. Verkar som god kvalite och en allmänt bra lampa De som drar ner betyget är att man inte kan byta ut batteriet samt att lampan inte är kompatibel med o...
    Åkerblom H 9.2.2024
  6. Riktigt imponerad av denna lilla lampa, bra tryck för sin storlek. Dessutom riktigt snygg design och sitter skönt på huvudet. 5 av 5!
    Wilhelmsson K 2.2.2024
  7. Dette er den beste lykta jeg noen gang har hatt. Liten og kompakt, 3 forskjellige nivå lysstyrke. Magnet i bakkant. Har selv brukt den som lommelykt, ...
    Haukeland S 30.1.2024
  8. Väldigt nöjd med funktionen både som cykellyse och pannlampa.
    Lilja J 29.1.2024
  9. Kokoonsa nähden tehokas otsalamppu. Mukava ja tukeva panta, sekä hyvä akun kesto. Suosittelen 👍
    Harju J 19.1.2024
  10. Ollut käytössä jo pitkään ja toiminut moitteetta. Kevyt ja hyvä valoteho. Ostin nyt toisen vielä
    Kontio M 8.1.2024
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Charging the Lumonite Pixel is extremely easy and fast thanks to the new Lumonite Touch™ USB charging cable

USB rechargeable, very compact headlamp for home, hobby and light work use. Superior price-performance-quality ratio. Completely waterproof and shockproof, 5-year warranty. Including everything you need!



* NOTE!! Also available is the more robust Lumonite Compass, which offers a light output of more than 1200 lumens, which has already been sold at the time of writing (2023-08-29) more than 255,000 units

LUMONITE Pixel is a very compact and durable LED headlamp designed in Finland, which is equipped with a rechargeable battery. The lamp is largely based on the superior features of the extremely popular Lumonite Compass, which has sold more than 255,000 pieces - just like its predecessor, the Pixel also represents the superiority of simplicity! Thanks to its small size and lightness, the Pixel is discreetly carried around, and the impressive performance and simple user interface make the lamp a reliable partner for every situation. A ready-to-use set that contains everything you need. Five year guarantee!

The lamp is made without a single moving - i.e. breakable - part. The one-piece, unbreakable construction makes the lamp completely waterproof and shockproof, and Pixel is suitable as a lamp for the most demanding situations and applications. Everything unnecessary, such as flashing, etc., has been left out of the functions, so using the lamp is extremely easy.

Lumonite Pixel won the 2020 Swedish ViBilägare magazine's headlamp test (ViBilägare no. 16 / 2020)

The Pixel also has the much-loved and praised magnetic charging - Lumonite Touch™ . The innovative charger attaches with a magnet directly to the body of the lamp, and the charger is powered by a modern USB port. In this way, charging can be done easily both in the car and at home - wherever the nearest USB port can be found. Charging the battery from empty to full takes only 2 hours!

The downright genius of the lamp is the Lumonite Releasy™ quick-mount on the forehead, from which the lamp can be removed in a second. If necessary, it is therefore completely effortless to grab the lamp and fasten it back in place. This way, the same lamp also works perfectly as a flashlight. For flashlight use, the body of the Pixel also has a hole for attaching a wrist strap. The headband itself is a further improved, sturdy and stylish new model with a width of no less than 30 mm. Thus, it offers a significantly stronger attachment than usual. The strap that goes over the head of the headband has been completely omitted, because due to the lightness of the lamp and the center of gravity coming close to the head, there is simply no need for it! Thanks to this, among other things, the lamp can easily slip into a pocket when it is in working order.

"LUMONITE products and accessories have been awarded the Design from Finland label as the first flashlight and headlamp brand in the world. In Finland, the lamps and accessories designed for the extreme conditions of the north represent the world's absolute top in the field of portable light sources and headlamps." 

More information

The Lumonite Pixel is powered by a powerful built-in lithium-ion battery. There is no need for such cumbersome cables and a battery case. In comparison with lamps of the same price category, Pixel takes the top spot in terms of performance and in terms of size-power ratio is completely in its own class. With an impressive output of 250 lumens, the lamp can burn for almost 2 hours continuously before the light output fades. We are not used to seeing similar burning time in this size power class.

The light beam of the lamp is a far-reaching combination with a wide spot. It is perfectly suited for work use at close range as well as for jogging. Thanks to the spot, you can easily see work even in e.g. 90 lm power mode, and the lamp burns for more than six hours at a time. Although the frost resistance of lamps with a small battery is not the best in the world, the Pixel can withstand temperatures of up to -15°C. If it will be used a lot even in temperatures above -20° below zero, we recommend turning to the Lumonite Compass headlamp with a larger battery.

Delivery contents

Basic set

  • Lumonite Pixel headlamp
  • Built-in battery
  • Lumonite Touch™ USB charging cable
  • Lumonite Reeasy™ headband with quick release
  • User manual (FI, SE, NO, EN)

Basic set + Bar mount

Basic set + Work helmet bracket

Basic set + Helmet mount

4 x Basic set + Charging dock

Technical information

  • Brand and model: LUMONITEⓇ Pixel
  • Battery: Built-in 850 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Light output stated by the manufacturer: 250 lm
  • Range stated by the manufacturer: 80 m
  • Spotlight: A combination with a wide spot
  • Charging time: approx. 2 h (0-100%)
  • IP rating: IPX8 (withstands permanent immersion up to 2 meters)
  • Shock resistant: 1.5 m drop
  • Material and color: Aluminum, black
  • Weight (with battery): 62 g
  • Dimensions: 21 x 27 x 67 mm
  • Warranty: 60 months (Lumonite warranty)
  • Importer: Handshake Finland Oy /

Operating hours (indicated by the Manufacturer)

  • High: 250 lm / 1 h 55 min / 80 m
  • Med: 90 lm / 6 h 15 min / 45 m
  • Low: 25 lm / 19 h / 25 m
  • Moonlight: 1.5 lm / 15 days / -

Quick guide

Commissioning: The lamp is delivered with the key lock connected. Open the key lock by pressing the switch for a long time, and the lamp is ready for use.


  • On/Off: Turn the light on by pressing the power switch once. Switch off the lamp in the same way.
  • Power mode selection: The light turns on in the power mode that was last used. When the light is on, long press the switch to scroll through the power modes and release the switch when the desired power mode is active.
  • Moonlight mode: When the light is off, press and hold the switch for about 3 seconds.
  • Key lock: Lock and unlock the key lock by pressing and holding the switch for 4 seconds while the light is off.
  • Charging: Connect one end of the Lumonite Touch charger to the USB port, and the other end with a magnet to the back of the lamp. The light on the lens glows red while charging, and turns green when the battery is full.

You can find the complete user manual here: Lumonite Pixel user manual.

User manual

Lumonite Pixel manual (EN/FI/SE/NO)
Engineered in Finland.

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VAT: FI23041120
Alasintie 9, 90400 Oulu, Finland

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