Headlamp LUMONITE Air2, 2489 lm

Super light, very efficient and rechargeable LED headlamp for demanding use! Long usage time. Includes everything you need!

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  1. olisiko mahdollista sulauttaa koko akku otsapäähineeseen. olisi helppo ja monikäyttöisenpi
    H P 24.6.2024
  2. Lamppu toimi loistavasti Jukolan yössä. On painoon nähden todella valovoimainen ja akun kesto loistava myös täydellä teholla.
    Salo P 18.6.2024
  3. 4
    Vähäkangas M 6.1.2024
  4. Napakka istuvuus, hyvä valoteho, 5/5
    Suominen H 5.1.2024
  5. Erittäin hyvä
    Koistinen E 23.12.2023
  6. Erinomainen lamppu, valoteho tehokas, kevyt pitää ja akkukin riittää hyvin.
    Niemi J 10.11.2023
  7. Istui pieneen päähän erinomaisesti. Kevyt mutta tehokas lamppu.
    H H 6.11.2023
  8. Täytyy kyllä sanoa et todella pettymys oli tämä valaisin. Odotin et tähän hintaan saa toimivan valai...
    Suihkonen M 26.10.2023
    Lumonite: Hei! Pahoittelemme tätä. Missään tapauksessa tämä ...
  9. Bra lykt med godt lys og god lysspredning. Likte spesielt godt lav vekt i lykthodet.
    Bue T 21.2.2023
  10. Suunnistajana metsässä kuin päivänvalolla.
    Varheenmaa M 22.12.2022
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Susanna Saapunki (Finnish national team skier, trail runner) from Lumonite Air2:

"My choice for mountain biking and Skimo (Ski Mountaineering). Light weight and great light output. The battery is easy to place in a drinking backpack."

Original LUMONITE fittings and accessories

GoPro compatible accessories

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Super light, very efficient and rechargeable LED headlamp for demanding use! Long usage time. Includes everything you need!


2489 LUMEN - 260 METERS

  • Light high-power headlamp - amazing size-power ratio!
  • The measured light output is a whopping 2489 lm
  • Eye-friendly, neutral light color temperature!
  • Ultralight lamp head (77 g)
  • Separate battery, long operating time (2-30 h)
  • Spare tank feature - the lamp does not leave you in trouble
  • Up to 260 m range!
  • Very wide beam, with diffused light more than 180°
  • Illuminates the entire field of vision
  • IPX6 protection rating on the lamp head
  • Wide range of accessories available!
  • GoPro compatible mounting - unlimited mounting possibilities!
  • 60 months = five-year warranty!
  • Design from Finland - Finnish design!

NOTE! If you need even more power, check out LUMONITE Navigator2 and LUMONITE Leader!



Designed in Finland, Lumonite Air2 is the most compact model of its manufacturer's high-power lighting series, whose design has been based on small size and lightness as well as maximum light output. In its size category, Air2 offers unprecedented performance, which is evidenced by e.g. a ferocious light output of 2489 lumens, a light beam that reaches up to 260 meters, and finely honed optics, thanks to which the light beam is so wide (more than 180°) that it effectively illuminates the entire field of vision. In addition, the light has a neutral color tone of 5300 Kelvin, which is as pleasant as possible to the eye and reproduces the colors of the environment and the shapes of the terrain very well. This makes it easier to understand the terrain and move around, especially at high speed. Lumonite Air2 is the perfect light for orienteering, outdoor activities, cycling or demanding work. Thanks to its GoPro-compatible stand, the light can be attached to, for example, most helmets.


  • Up to 2489 lm laboratory measured maximum light output!
  • 5300K color temperature that is pleasing to the eye and reproduces colors and shapes well
  • Extremely wide, with diffused light, a light beam more than 180° wide
  • Range 260 meters
  • Burning time even at full power ( +2000 lm ) up to 2.5 hours
    • 1300 lm power for more than 4 hours
  • Designed in Finland for orienteers and outdoor enthusiasts for the extreme conditions of the north
  • Lamp head IPX6 protected - no fear of getting wet
  • Super comfortable and sturdy headband
  • GoPro compatible - endless mounting options
  • Can also be used as a helmet light, bike light, sled, ATV, enduro bike, etc. additional light, etc.
  • 60 months = five-year warranty

"LUMONITE products and accessories have been awarded the Design from Finland mark as the first flashlight and headlamp brand in the world. In Finland, the lamps and accessories designed for the extreme conditions of the north represent the world's absolute top in the field of portable light sources and headlamps."

Lumonite Air2's light head has a precision-machined lens that produces a wide composite light beam that illuminates the entire field of vision from edge to edge. The central part of the light beam reaches up to 260 meters, and the wide circle around it illuminates the surrounding terrain from all directions effortlessly. Thanks to its lightness, agile size and optimal spotlight, LUMONITE Air2 is perfectly suited for e.g. for fast-paced sports activities. The lighting part weighs only 77 g (with the cable), and the power-to-weight ratio in Air2 is world class!

Both the headband and the light part of Air2 are GoPro-compatible, which enables the light to be attached directly to all GoPro mounts sold on the market in addition to the headband. This allows the light to be used effortlessly in addition to a headlamp, e.g. as a bike light, helmet light or even as an additional light for a snowmobile, as the light has practically endless mounting possibilities ! In addition, the parts of the lamp are compatible with other products of the LUMONITE DX series, such as batteries and brackets of different sizes, so it is easy to shape the lamp to suit your needs. See GoPro mounts here!

The renewed Lumonite Ergo V2 headband is made with ease of use and comfort in mind, thanks to which it is sturdier and more comfortable on the head than before, even in fast-paced sports. The headband's versatile adjustments make it suitable for different head sizes for both men and women, and thanks to the ergonomic design, ultra-light construction and small details that make it easier to use, it is easily one of the best headbands on the market. The Ergo V2 headband is also available with a super-handy backup light mount for e.g. Compass R , Vector or Pixel lights: Lumonite Backup.

The Lumonite Slimcore lithium-ion battery supplied with the set offers a usage time of more than two hours to up to 30 hours, depending on the power mode used. It can be attached with the ingenious Slimholder attachment to e.g. a belt or bike frame, and the strong aluminum case protects the cells from impacts. The five-step indicator in the battery tells you how much power is left in the battery at the push of a button. Intelligent battery management does not turn off the light at once, but lowers the power slightly before the battery is empty - this way you will not be stuck in the dark under any circumstances. In orienteering, it is most pleasant to carry the battery in a battery vest, while for more occasional use, the battery can be kept in a backpack, belt or even on the arm! You can find spare batteries here.

Examples of applications

Thanks to the GoPro-compatible bracket, the light can be attached to e.g. a cycling or riding helmet or a bicycle bar

Valostore's satisfaction guarantee - Order, put the product into use and test it in a real operating environment. You can return for free if you are not satisfied!

Contents of the product package (Basic set)

  • Lumonite Air2 lamp head
  • Lumonite Air2 light unit protective cover
  • Lumonite Air2 lithium-ion battery (Slimcore 50)
    • + Lumonite Slimholder multi-function bracket with accessories
  • Lumonite Air2 mains charger
  • Lumonite Air2 extension cord, 50 cm
  • Lumonite Air2 headband
  • Lumonite Air2 Storage Bag
  • Lumonite Air2 user manual (FI/EN/SE/NO)

Contents of the product package (Basic set + Battery vest)

Contents of the product package (PREMIUM SET)

Technical characteristics

  • Brand and model: LumoniteⓇ Air2
  • Light output stated by the manufacturer: 2000+ lm
    • Light output measured by Valostore: 2489 lm
  • Range: 260 m
  • Declared color temperature: 5000 K
    • Color temperature measured by Valostore: 5314 K
  • Spotlight: Combination
  • Battery: Lumonite Slimcore 50, 49.7Wh / 14.4V
  • Charging time: 2 h
  • Operating modes: 4
  • IP classification of the lamp head: IPX6
  • Battery IP rating: IPX4
  • External dimensions: Lamp part 44 x 56 x 39 mm, Battery 90 x 76 x 25 mm
  • Weight: Lighting part 77 g, Battery 257 g
  • Warranty: Lighting part 60 months, charger 24 months, battery 12 months

Performance (Manufacturer declared, ANSI/FL1)

  • Max: 2000+ lm* / 260 m / 2 h 30 min h (*Laboratory measured maximum output: 2489 lm)
  • High: 1300 lm / 190 m / 4 h
  • Med: 400 lm / 100 m / 13 h
  • Low: 175 lm / 60 m / 30 h


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Quick guide

Using the Lumonite Air2 lighting set is easy - First you connect the battery, then the lamp is turned on from the button on the top of the lamp. After that, pressing the button always switches to the next power mode in the order Low-Med-High-Max. Max mode can also be switched on from any power mode by double-clicking. From the Max mode, double-click to return to the previous mode.

User manual in PDF: Lumonite Air2 user manual (opens in a new window).

Also use an external power source

The Lumonite DX2000 light head can also be used directly in 12 or 24V systems with the help of a separate transformer. You can find the transformers here. Due to the special feature of the lamp, the lamp can be controlled with a separate switch, for example, because the incredibly advanced lighting part remembers the last used power mode even after the lamp is turned off!

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