Several elite athletes around the world have chosen Lumonite for their daily training and racing lamp. Team Lumonite athletes are also involved in our product development – when the products are tested and accepted by the most demanding users there is, we can't go much wrong!

Team Finland


Lumonite from Finland is one of the Main Partners of Finnish Orienteering Federation. Finland has won 16 relay medals and 30 individual medals in World Orienteering Championships since 2000. In 2019, Finland won its first men's World Championship relay medal for 10 years when Aleksi Niemi, Elias Kuukka and Miika Kirmula achieved 2nd place in the relay. We are proud to support our own National Team in the sport we love.

photo: Pirjo Valjanen, Suomen Suunnistusliitto

Thierry Gueorgiou


14-time world champion of orienteering. The grand old man of orienteering has created a long and respectable career keeping on the world top year after year. Thierry was born in France, lives now in Uppsala, Sweden and after his active career, coaches Sweden's national team. Involved in Lumonite product development.

Karolin Ohlsson


One of the best female orienteers in the world. A rising star who has already won several medals in Swedish, European and World Championships. Placed 2nd in Orienteering World Cup 2018. The fastest silversmith in the world represents Järla Orientering club and Swedish National Team. A solid part of Lumonite test group and a great, colorful person.

Sylvia Nordskar

Ultra / Mountain / Trail running

Mountain & Trail runner as well as Ultra runner from Norway. Sylvia is an elite runner who has already collected many impressive achievements in races around the world. 2023 was a great year for Sylvia with wins in KIA Fjällmaraton 27K, Kullamannen 100 K and K42 Canarias Anaga Marathon.

Elias Kuukka


One of the best night orienteering specialists in the world. Elias represents Tampereen Pyrintö orienteering club and Finnish national team.

Jakob Åberg

Ultra running

Ultra runner from Sweden. Jakob Åberg has many great top positions in several UltraMarathons. The finest achievement came 2023 when Jakob won Kullamannen 100 Miles by UTMB.

Emil Svensk


Swedish orienteering athlete representing the Swedish National Team and top club Stora Tuna OK from Borlänge. Emil has several medals in both World- and European championships, and have won Jukola four times where Emil have been the crucial piece of the puzzle several times.

Maija Sianoja


Finnish champion on long distance and in sprint. Maija represents MS Parma orienteering club and Finnish national team.

Eero Remes


3-time World Champion of Enduro. Eero won T2 class World Championship in 2018 and T1 class World Championship in 2015 and 2016. Uses Lumonite lamps in training and racing.

Marcus Adielsson


Enduro Rider from Sweden. Marcus is a great driver and has taken several impressive top positions in different Enduro Races. One of his main races is Novemberkåsan - one of the toughest races in the world with rough weather and much darkness. Marcus has finished 9 consecutive starters in Novemberkåsan and using Lumonite Leader as his light.

Johan Lantz

Ultra running

Ultra runner from Sweden. Johan has lots of impressive results during the years like top positions in KIA Fjällmaraton, Kullamannen, Ultravasan and other ultra races around the world. Johan is part of the legendary trio Ockelbomaffian together with his brother Joacim and childhood friend Elov Olsson.

Joacim Lantz

Ultra running

Ultra runner from Sweden. Joacim has gained many impressive results during the years, for example top positions in many tough races like Ultravasan, KIA Fjällmaraton and other ultra races around the world. Voted to “Trail Runner of the year” 2019 by Trailrunning Sweden. Joacim is part of the legendary trio Ockelbomaffian together with his brother Johan and childhood friend Elov Olsson.

Elov Olsson

Ultra running

Ultra Runner from Sweden. Elov is one of the best ultra runners in the nordics with top results in KIA Fjällmaraton, Ultravasan, Gold Medal in Swedish Championship in 100 KM 2019, 2021 & 2022. Voted to “Trail Runner of the year” 2017 by Trailrunning Sweden. Elov is also holder of Nordic record in 100 Miles race when he won Tunnel Hill 100 Miles in USA with the time of 11:26:19. Elov is part of the legendary trio Ockelbomaffian together with the brothers Johan & Jaocim Lantz

Marika Teini


Marika is a Finnish orienteering World Cup and European Championship medalist. Represents orienteering club Kalevan Rasti.

Lotta Karhola


2-time Finnish Champion of night orienteering and Finnish Champion of extra long distance. As a night orienteering specialist, the very most demanding user of a headlamp! Lotta represents orienteering club Tampereen Pyrintö and besides orienteering, works as a doctor. Part of Lumonite test group.

Olli Ojanaho


In 2015-2017 in the Junior World Championship Competitions Olli Ojanaho won 6 gold-, 2 silver- and 2 bronze-medals. Olli represents orienteering club Helsingin Suunnistajat.

Stefan Ehrin

Ultra running

Ultra Runner from Sweden. Stefan has an impressive track record in Ultra Running and one results that stands out is the Win in KULLAMANNEN 100 Miles 2021.

Topi Syrjäläinen


Topi Syrjäläinen represents orienteering club Helsingin Suunnistajat. He is one of their best stars and brilliant nightorienteer.

Andre Jonsson

Ultra running, cycling

Ultra Runner and cyclist from Sweden. André Jonsson have been using Lumonite lamps for many years and have many impressive results in Ultra Running such as win in KIA Fjällmaraton and silver medal in Skyrunning World Championships 2018.

Aleksi Karppinen


Aleksi Karppinen represents orienteering club NaVi. He is one of their brightest stars.

Benny Halvarsson

Ultra Triathlete

Ultra Triathlete from Sweden. Benny is doing extreme challenges where headlamp is an essential part of his training gear. He is finisher of Deca Triathlon which is Ironman x10 (totally 38 km swimming, 1 800 km cycling and 422 km running), he has also made 21 IRON MANS in 21 consecutive days.

Aleksi Anttolainen


Aleksi Anttolainen represents orienteering club Lahden Suunnistajat -37, and he is one of their best stars nowadays.

Stanimir Belomazhev

Ski orienteering and cross-country skiing

Three times World Champion and four times European Champion in ski orienteering. Three times World Ranking Leader.

Richard Larsén


Richard Larsén is one a road cyclists from Sweden. He represent the National Team and Team Serneke Allebike. He has several medals in Swedish National Road Race Championships.

Hanna Falk

Cross country skiing

One of the fastest female pursuit skiers in the world. Represents Swedish national team.

Susanna Saapunki

Mountain Running

A former National Team Skier who has represented Finland in the World Cup and twice in the World Championships since 2014. Nowadays Susanna is representing Trail Running Team Scarpa, and she has achieved succes in mountain running internationally. "The goal is to be one of the toughest mountain runners in the world in 3 years!"

Marika Wagner

Adventure race, Swimrun, MTB-Biking

Adventure Racer, Swimrun athlete and MTB-cyclist from Sweden. Marika has used Lumonite lamps for many years and we are happy to work with her. She competes in for example in AR World Series and ÖtillÖ Swimrun, where she has taken many top positions including several gold medals.

Team Kalevan Rasti


The most successful Finnish orienteering club of all time! Kalevan Rasti won Jukolan Viesti relay in 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2012, 10-mila relay in 1983, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014, and 10-mila women's relay in 2001. Kalevan Rasti has trusted in Lumonite lamps since the beginning of our story. Many Finnish National team athletes, such as Miika Kirmula and Hannu Airila represent Kalevan Rasti.

Team Tampereen Pyrintö


One of the most successful Finnish orienteer clubs of all time. Tampereen Pyrintö has won Jukolan Viesti 3 times and Venlojen Viesti 4 times. In addition, the club has won Finnish Champion scores eight times in a row 2009-2016. Tampereen Pyrintö women won 10Mila women competition (Tvåmila) in 2019. Most of "Red Machine" members represent national teams of different nations. The most known athlete of TP is probably one of the best night orienteers in the world, Elias Kuukka.

Team Lahden Suunnistajat -37


The second oldest Finnish orienteering club, founded in 1937. The club made a big facelift in 2019 raising this team up to fight in the top. Many great runners represent this team, like Aleksi Anttolainen, Anna Närhi, Karoliina Ukskoski and 9-time World Champion Minna Kauppi.

Team Helsingin Suunnistajat


Team Helsingin Suunnistajat is the biggest orienteering club, founded in 1943. Helsingin Suunnistajat has won Jukolan Viesti 8 times and 10Mila once. Many great orienteers represent this team, like Olli Ojanaho, Topi Syrjäläinen and Arttu Syrjäläinen.

MS Parma


Team MS Parma has many great orienteers, like Maija Sianoja, Akseli Ruohola and Arto Talvinen.

Team Paimion Rasti


Stora Tuna OK


One of Sweden's biggest and oldest orienteering clubs, with roots from the year 1927. The club has many top class runners and have won many big competitions like 10Mila, Jukola, Venla, 25Manna several times. Stora Tuna OK has won Jukola, the world's biggest night orienteering relay, four consecutive years between 2019-2023.



Runacademy is a company that organizes running groups throughout Sweden. With great passion, they spread running joy through their 600+ leaders and 100+ locations in the country. As a member of Runacademy, you get coaching in running and meet like-minded people. They also arrange groups where the running is in the dark by headlamp and that is especially where we come into the picture. We are very happy to cooperate with Runacademy!

Trailrunning Finland


Trailrunning Finland is a finnish community focused on developing the trail running and also, as their their slogan says, sharing the passion of trail.

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