Lumonite - an Official partner of the IOF and FOF

One of our goals is to make an orienteering as a sport more visible and produce extremely high quality products to this sport. Lumonite-products are great headlamps in many sports as in motor sports, skiing, running, orienteering and anywhere else where you can imagine you would need high light output and very long operating time - but why our products are so good in many different uses? Top orienteering is a really demanding sport that requires a lot from athletes as well as equipments. The bigger headlamps as Lumonite Leader, Navigator2 and Air2 have been designed with world's top orienteers, and we will continue our product development with them. To achieve our goal, we have signed cooperation with important parties.

International Orienteering Federation

The IOF (International Orienteering Federation) governs four different orienteering sports which are: foot orienteering, mountain bike orienteering, ski orienteering and trail orienteering. There are massive number of orienteers in the world, and together with the IOF we are trying to push orienteering as a sport more and more popular globally.

The IOF's main goal is to increase the attractiveness of orienteering to participants and to the external partners. We are sharing IOF's main goal totally in Lumonite and keeping moving forward to achieve the goal!


Finnish Orienteering Federation

The FOF (Finnish Orienteering Federation) operates in Finland kind a same style as IOF operates in globally. The FOF does very important work in Finland, and we have already in Finland about 75 000 orienteers - hopefully we can get a lot of more participants to this great sport. Cooperation with the Finnish Orienteering Federation allows us to be a part of the world's most popular orienteering event Jukola. Also the Finnish Championship competition in the night orienteering as a "Lumonite Night Orienteering Finnish Championship Competition" is big thing to us. We are doing our best to make an orienteering more visible in Finland.

The FOF's strategy is to make Finland as a country even better in orienteering scene. We want to give all support to this strategy by developing and producing the best lights and accessories for orienteering in the world!



Trailrunning Finland

The Trailrunning Finland community provides guidance and association for trail runners and promotes and encourages participation in the athletic discipline of trail running throughout the Finland. The community consists of trail running enthusiasts from all of the Finland. The goal of the community is to increase the popularity of trail running and to bring the all trail running people together.

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