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Lumonite Navigator 3000

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- Discontinued model. Replaced by Navigator² model. -

The Lumonite Navigator 3000 is a powerful headlamp, designed in Finland. Thanks to its versatile nature, the lamp is designed for both professional, as well as for spare-time activities. Among other examples, several professional orientation-sportsmen have chosen Navigator for their sports activities. Owing to a first-class cooling system, Navigator is able to keep light power high throughout its entire working cycle.

"I have been testing a lot of headlamps during my elite career, but this one has been the most comfortable I ever had. It just feels like wearing nothing as it is really a light-weight headlamp. And at same time, it is pure raw power when it comes to light up the terrain in front. The terrain´s shapes and the map become really easy to interpret. Wearing the Navigator 3000 just feels like running at day in fact."

- Thierry Gueorgiou, 14-time World Champion of Orienteering

A special lithium-battery, fastened to the lamp by a cable, can be carried in backpacks, on a belt, in your pocket, on your arm or in a battery vest (sold separately). Intelligent power-management will not leave users in trouble after discharging the battery. Staying lit for more than half an hour, with a power level of about 50 lumens, while the battery is discharging to the end. The current status of power can be followed on the five-level power indicator.

Lumonite Navigator’s beam of light is a multipurpose composite light beam, a broad spot that lights a wide area, for up to 280 meters. Lumonite Navigator 3000 is compatible with all products in the Lumonite BX-series.

Contents of the package

  • Lumonite BX3000 lighthead
  • Lumonite BXAUL2 ultralight headband
  • LUMONITE BXB105 li-ion battery, 10 500 mAh
  • LUMONITE BXCH20 network charger, 2 A
  • Lumonite BXAOR attachment links, large and small
  • Lumonite BXEC50 extension cable, 50 cm
  • Lumonite BXAGO GoPro mount
  • Lumonite BXABAG (storage bag)
  • User manual (FI/SE/NO/EN)


  • Power output: 3000 lm
  • Light beam: combination
  • Power source: 7.4 V / 10 500 mAh li-ion
  • Range: 280 meters
  • Charging time: 4 h
  • Operation modes: 5 power levels
  • Material: aluminum
  • IP rating: Lighthead IP45, battery IP44
  • Measures: Lighthead 55 x 54 mm, battery 80 x 50 mm
  • Weight: Lighthead 126 g, battery 374 g
  • Guarantee: 24 months

Performance (ANSI/FL1)

  • Max: 3000+ lm / 280 m / 2 h 55 min (activates with doubleclick)
  • High: 2000 lm / 230 m / 4 h 40 min
  • Med2: 1300 lm / 180 m / 7 h 15 min
  • Med1: 420 lm / 100 m / 26 h
  • Low: 100 lm / 55 m / 85 h

*Measured by included 10 500 mAh battery


Lumonite Navigator 3000 manual (FI/SE/NO/EN)

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