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Headlamp Lumonite Compass Mini, 240 lm

approx. 2 days

Lumonite Compass Mini is a headlamp designed in Finland, ideal for spare-time and sports use. This lamp is designed to be minimal in size, yet offer perfect operational reliability. Compass Mini’s one part case is fully water, dust and shockproof and contains no moving parts.

"That´s clearly the most impressive compact lamp I have ever seen. So much power in just a couple of centimetre makes a really good option for spare lamp while orienteering. It fits easily in every pocket and can be “life-saver” in lot of situations."

-Thierry Gueorgiou, 14-time World Champion of Orienteering

The lamp utilizes the Lumonite Releasy system; thanks to which the light can be removed from the headband in a single motion. This way, the lamp can be used as a hand lamp or mounted to a bicycle bar with a suitable mount. Lumonite Compass Mini’s beam of light is a combined light beam, equipped with a wide spotlight, thanks to which it is suitable for both exercising and more professional use. The beam intensivity saves energy while only a minor amount of power is required to see when operating in short distances.

Lumonite Compass Mini is powered by one CR123A-lithium battery, that is included in the package.

Contents of the package

  • Headlamp
  • Headband
  • Battery
  • User manual (FI/SE/NO/EN)


  • Power output: 460 lm
  • Light beam: combination
  • Power source: 1 x CR123A lithium (1 unit incl.)
  • Beam distance: 99 meters
  • Operation modes: 3 power modes + turbo + moonlight
  • Material: aluminum
  • IP rating: IPX8
  • Measures: 19 x 30 x 65 mm
  • Weight: together with battery 74 g
  • Warranty: 60 months

Performance (ANSI/FL1)

  • Turbo: 460 lm / - / 99 m
  • High: 240 lm / 2:30 h / 72 m
  • Med: 95 lm / 6 h / 50 m
  • Low: 12 lm / 35 h / 20 m
  • Moon: 5 lm / 144 h

*Measured by included 1500 mAh battery

User manual

Lumonite Compass Mini manual (EN)

Engineered in Finland.

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