Lumonite 5 year warranty

At Lumonite, we do our best to ensure that our products are durable and prime quality. We offer five year limited warranty for all our lamps. This warranty covers manufacturing defects of the body or the electronics (including LED) occurred withing 5 years of ordinary use. The warranty period is counted from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover wear and tear of neither plastic-, rubber- or glass parts nor headband or wires caused by improper use, modifications or use in extreme sports or conditions.

This warranty does not cover normal wear or capasity weakening within the use of the batteries. However, we offer one year warranty for manufacturing defects of rechargeable Lumonite batteries.

What is manufacturing defect and what is improper use?

Manufacturing defects are likely to turn out soon after the first use. For this reason we have defined that in case the reason behind the failure is unclear, the defects occurred within 2 years of the purchase are considered as manufacturing defects.

In case the failure has clearly been caused by the user, the warranty does not cover the damage.

Case example (manufacturing error):

A lamp stops operation for no visible reason. The battery of the lamp has been recharged or replaced, but the lamp still does not work. This case is considered as manufacturing error.

Case example (improper use):

Because the light output of Lumonite lamps is extremely powerful, the light beam of the lamps can heat up the obstacles touching the lens or laying in front of it considerably. If the lamp turns on unintendedly in the pocket, the light energy can – in worst case – melt the material inside the pocket, which may end up melting the polycarbonate lens of the lamp into unusable condition. This case is considered as improper use.

The user of the product must make sure that the lens of the lamp is free from any dirt and keeps uncovered all times the lamp is used. The pocket-size models of Lumonite have keylock and switch embedded into the body to prevent unintentional use. In addition, the highest output will be memorized for no more than 10 minutes after use. After this, the lamp will be next time turned on in medium mode. The user must use the keylock arranged (or screw the tailcap 1⁄2 round counterclockwise) to prevent unintentional use and damage.

Instructions for failure cases

If a failure occurs with your product within the warranty time, please contact support(at) or your local distributor. To make the warranty process fast and easy, please provide the following information in your message:

  • which product model is the case about
  • what is the failure like and how does it show up
  • where have you bought the product, when, and by what name