Several elite athletes around the world have chosen Lumonite as their training and racing lamp.

Thierry Gueorgiou


14-time world champion of orienteering. The grand old man of orienteering has created a long and respectable career keeping on the world top year after year. Thierry was born in France, lives now in Uppsala, Sweden and after his active career, coaches Sweden's national team. Involved in Lumonite product development.

Thierry about Lumonite Leader:

"The Leader is clearly the most sensational headlamp I have been able to test during my elite career. This is absolutely the best combo between power, and comfort. Even though it is lightening your environment as no other lamp, it remains light in weight and comfortable. And night navigation becomes as simple as in day time.”

Karolin Ohlsson


One of the best female orienteers in the world. A rising star who has already won several medals in Swedish, European and World Championships. Placed 2nd in Orienteering World Cup 2018. The fastest silversmith in the world represents Järla Orientering club and Swedish National Team. A solid part of Lumonite test group and a great person.





Lotta Karhola


2-time Finnish Champion of night orienteering and Finnish Champion of extra long distance. As a night orienteering specialist, the very most demanding user of a headlamp! Lotta represents orienteering club Tampereen Pyrintö and besides orienteering, works as a doctor. Part of Lumonite test group.

Lotta about Lumonite Leader:

"Lumonite Leader truly is the shiniest lamp of the woods. It illuminates further and better than others, but still doesn't blind you when reading the map. Despite its power, the lamp is light weight and easy to use. With this lamp, it is hard not to find the checkpoints, and thanks to its long operation time, it never lets you down in the darkness."


Hanna Falk

Cross country skiing

One of the fastest female pursuit skiers in the world. Represents Swedish national team.

Hanna about Lumonite Compass R:
"Have tested Compass R and been very pleased with it. So smooth and yet so good light!"

Hanna about Lumonite Navigator:
"I ran a round yesterday with the 3000 lamp. An impressive light! Felt like I was running in the daylight and when I lit my lamp it was like my friend's lamp went out!"

Team Kalevan Rasti


The most successful Finnish orienteering club of all time! Kalevan Rasti won Jukolan Viesti relay in 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2012, 10-mila relay in 1983, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014, and 10-mila women's relay in 2001.