Headlamp Lumonite Compass R

Our compact size flagship Lumonite Compass R is a headlamp, designed in Finland for demanding professional use, and it is rechargeable. The lamp can be easily charged without removing the battery by using the Lumonite SnapCharger™ USB.charger. When designing Compass R, our team was striving for simplicity, performance and absolute operating reliability.

Its one-part case is fully water, dust and shockproof and contains no moving parts. Its electronics offer optimal operating efficiency, a functional cooling system and its design combines a great level of light power with a long operation-time. 1054 Real Laboratory Tested Lumens! Over 52 000 pcs sold in Nordics!

✓ PROBABLY THE BEST HEADLAMP - "Probably the best lamp on the market, in terms of functionality. It can be used in any situation and provides enough light to brighten even the densest forest. It can also act as the perfect spare lamp, as it fits easily in your battery vest, without adding too much weight." - Thierry Gueorgiou, 14-time World Champion of Orienteering

THIS HEADLAMP IS SO BRILLIANT!!! Bright and lights up all the country road when I take the dog out. Definitely recommend!!! I have now tested many many cheap and even expensive headlamps and found that this it is finally a great value for money. The light last for hours before needing re-charging. Also very lightweight, comfortable and shockproof. The light is excellent and maybe the brightest headlamp you can get from any head light or torch. In my opinion the best compact Headlamp ever. Very pleased with it!! - Amazon Customer

One of the points our design team started with was creating an effective lamp that could be applied in demanding environments, where safety gaskets are used. The lamp utilizes the Lumonite Releasy™ system; thanks to which the light can be removed from the headband in a single motion. This way, the lamp can be used as a hand lamp and can also be attached to a helmet, using a Lumonite Releasy™ helmet fastening. Lumonite Compass R’s beam of light is a multipurpose combination of light beam, thanks to which the lamp is well suited to extensively varied, as well as demanding applications.

The flagship of the Lumonite Compass series operates by means of lithium battery, that is easily replaceable.

Contents of the Package

  • Lumonite Compass R headlamp
  • Lumonite Compass R special battery
  • SnapCharger™ USB charging cable
  • Lumonite Releasy™ headband with instant fastening.
  • Upper part of Lumonite Releasy™ headband (detachable)
  • Pocket clip
  • User manual (FI/SE/NO/EN)


  • Power output: 1054 lm (Labsphere FL2 -laboratory tested real lumens)
  • Light beam: combination beam
  • Power source: 3500 mAh li-ion (3.7V)
  • Range: 115 meters
  • Charging time: 7 h (USB)
  • Operation modes: 3 power modes + turbo + moonlight
  • Keylock
  • Battery voltage indicator
  • Material: aluminum
  • Encasement rating: IPX8
  • Measures: 106 x 21 x 33 mm
  • Weight: assembled, with the battery 162 g
  • Warranty: 60 months

Performance (ANSI/FL1)

  • Turbo: 1054 lm / 1 h 40 min / 115 m
  • High: 630 lm / 3 h 40 min / 80 m
  • Med: 240 lm / 8 h 40 min / 50 m
  • Low: 80 lm / 40 h / 38 m
  • Moon: 5 lm / 600 h

*Measured by 3500 mAh battery (included)



Lumonite Compass manual (FI,SE,NO,EN)

Engineered in Finland.

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Some of feedbacks are from our Finnish customers and directly translated by Google so there can be some stupid clerical errors :) Original feedback are available at Valostore.fi:

THIS HEADLAMP IS SO BRILLIANT!!! Bright and lights up all the country road when I take the dog out. Definitely recommend!!! I have now tested many many cheap and even expensive headlamps and found that this it is finally a great value for money. The light last for hours before needing re-charging. Also very lightweight, comfortable and shockproof. The light is excellent and maybe the brightest headlamp you can get from any head light or torch. In my opinion the best compact Headlamp ever. Very pleased with it!! - Amazon Customer

"Compass R has been around 2 months now and I can only praise the product! The use is mainly in mountain biking with a helmet light. The light output is also excellent in dark woods with rainfall. The reason why I just selected the Compass R's helmet light is its size. And this is not the source of any extra battery packs along the back of your back, etc. The battery life is really good and the new magnetic charge plug is really functional. The front bracket that comes with is well-seated and the helmet clamp, as an accessory, costs only under EUR. Compressed: Easy to use, lightweight and lightweight product! "- T. Roth

".. I've had so far satisfied with the luminaire Cordless is the absolute plus I thought at first snow light navigator but the battery will vest on the back is not properly stimulated Retains very long sides of the day when you use the smallest light intensity jogging or turbo sides of power is sufficient for All in all, a good lamp...." - J. Riihonen

"That's an absolute in darkness when I'm jogging light brightness is just right, my dogs are amazed jogging if the lamp is not included and the dark The only minus is the battery life of the facility but good otherwise..." - J. Kääriäinen

"The peak is easy and fast battery charger connects in less than a second and can be downloaded via a USB cable via USB connection in a boat, car, aircraft and elsewhere on a computer or external power bank.I can also download the standard in the power grid, It is enough for the most demanding user and ergonomics on the straps will work from calf to cowhide, and the bonus is that the light will get out of the way for a second in a second, and no longer need more lights.

"I've been happy with the product and its ease of use. Unfortunately, I found a small problem when I was holding the lamp in my pocket and had last been in use with the "turbo position" that switched on when the item hit the coat through the jacket. The lamp shone with the body and the light source, with the result that the blade burned. "- T. Helenius

"I bought the lamp itself for sound systems and for path running. The power adjustments are just right for your own needs: when running in the woods you get the right power and if you need less eye-catching lighting in the galaxy, the smallest position is just right. Battery life seems good, first charging has not yet touched the charger. The charger's magnet connector also has powers. "- J. Kokkonen

"I bought the zodiac as the previous lamp nitecore lost somewhere. The best in the lamp is the magnetic charge cable. Just the peak. I would have some candy in the lamp that would hold the lamp in the cap of the cap. I'm constantly using the caps and the straps are awkward with the law. The light output is excellent. The switch is located in the n.core but in the industry. I use the lamp almost daily. A good game is. I can not say yet about the durability, the lamp when it's time new. "- E. Nevala

"Fine lamp! In the morning, I attach it to the wheel and put it on the forehead at nightfall! Light for jogging and home-work. The light output is enough and it is not a tricky battery box to get away from it! "- Timo Klemola

"Headlamp came to the need and ended up with the recommendation of two hunting friends for that model. The lamp is easy to use and extra unnecessary functions (strobes / timers, etc.) are cut off. The button on / off is big enough for the lamp to get the gloves on. However, the experience is still not thick in winter. The main rim is high quality and easy to tighten. The weight of the lamp is appropriate and does not hinder head movements. An important feature, for example, at high speed in a wreck on a moving boat, when all the heavy shifts are duplicated if the end is over weight. Light intensity levels in different modes are appropriate, though Moonlight mode could be found even slimmer. (Chart number, etc.) The charger may be best for the entire device. The most convenient charger that has ever been responsible for. I also appreciate the waterproofness of the device! The light beam is just right for the headlight.

It's hard to say what to say. A few times I had to screw the bottom open when the modes did not work properly. A worthy game. I work in the service of the Coast Guard, and my hobbies are hunting and leisure activities of the fire department, so I can appreciate good tools which are suitable for operating in harsh environments. Based on the initial experience of your product, it seems like that. Speculation, winter and darkness to that show. Thank you. "- S. Koskivaara

"Now with a couple of weeks of experience, we can say that Compass R meets all the promises it has made. Light is good enough and it is nice that the bulb gets out of the headband so it can use it as a search bulb like a normal fiwter, without turning the head constantly. As a development I would see some kind of battery status indicator, for example, five green leds on the side of the lamp, when the battery charge drops, then the leds will shake off as well. When the bulb is not in everyday use, the battery charge may already be low. "- P. Michelsson

"Well, there is no blame on this Compass R. Last winter came a frightened 5-euro battery-operated halpamarkettiotampamp and with it more devils than a bright path when jogging with a dog. There are some of you illiterate here, so there is a great deal of light, especially when the use is almost daily. The Moonlight function of the lamp is also quite valid in addition to the reflectors, to increase the visibility of my body also on illuminated road sections, without dazzling the oncoming drivers. That's when you came across unclear roadblocks with Compass R, and it has become a hint to go unlit to you to experience your own peace, so maybe it tells you about all the lamp's skills at least in jogging. Even more than a mile has accumulated more than usual, so the lamp can be indirectly motivated to move. :) "- N. Hyrynsalmi

"With a month of experience I can recommend. With the dog, the morning and the nightstands are as smooth as daytime, perhaps even better. Other animals in the woods notice a long time before the dog, back with great eyes. The incline lamp tilt works fine. Charger attachment is awesome. A really powerful magnet that pulls itself into the lamp and no need to think about the plug is put into the lamp. The battery will withstand the power of a few days with the power of a few days and the med power will give you a few days longer. "- T. Nokso

"The lamp is great! The brightness is really good and the device is small and light. The tape width and feel really good. The development cover could add to the indicator when the charger has been fully charged, now I did not even notice the battery when it was full. The other thing is that the bulb is cold on the forehead, because it is metallic. But metal in itself brings a really good sense of quality and I would not want to change it. Maybe some thin cushion on the bulb holder would help? Overall rating 9/10 - very good! :) "- C. Ahlroth

"The lamp has been in great use. The product is beginning to be well developed and I have not found anything to complain about. Battery charge indicator is what I could still need ... "- T. Salminen

"I've got a few nights in practice to try headlamp. The prospect of a lamp has its power. Both brightness control. One bad thing is. That's the second strap that you want to add if you like. The instructions for installing it are unclear. But I'm still happy with the product. Thank you! "- J. Vaaramo

"The lamp is good and the light time is sufficient, full power does not need very often. Fastening mechanism easy and simple. Magnetic charge is absolutely brilliant. Instead, the helmet bracket does not fit into a helmet without a magazine. The inside of the helmet of the bracket is almost close to the headband and in the event of a possible impact on the front of the helmet, the bracket will certainly hit the forehead. "- A. Leinonen