Lumonite Releasy™ Helmet

Lumonite Releasy™ Helmet is a simple device that enables any product in the Lumonite Compass series to be fastened to a helmet. Fastening mode does not change the design of the helmet, which makes the fastener compatible with all rules and regulations.

The fastener can be easily attached to a helmet’s visor or front, by using the screwdriver that is located in the frame. The lamp is then fastened by simply pressing it into place. Unfastening of the lamp is as easy, it can be done by pulling with sufficient force.

Technical characteristics

  • Compatible with all helmets that have a hard cap
  • Does not breach work safety regulations
  • Is fastened to the helmet using the key in the frame
  • Weight: 32 grams
  • Material: frame of plastic, other parts of metal
  • Guarantee: 24 months

Compatible lamps

  • LUMONITE Compass
  • LUMONITE Compass R
  • LUMONITE Compass 1000
  • LUMONITE Compass Mini R
  • LUMONITE Compass Mini