Lumonite Leader

Lumonite Leader is a headlamp designed for the most demanding needs possible. It was created for situations requiring absolute maximum light power. Leader was developed in Finland together with the most successful elite orienteers of all time.

20.12.2018 Leader V2: New Slimcore 100 battery. New package.

The purpose of the product was to create the world’s best lamp to be used by professional orienteers. The objective was a lightweight and compact device, which will illuminate at a power of over 5,000 real lumen uninterruptedly for a minimum of 2 hours. The objective in the intended size and weight class was almost impossible to achieve at first, and the product’s journey from paper to sales package took what felt like forever, but after endless prototypes and starting overs, we finally achieved it. As a result, we can introduce the world’s best orienteering lamp, of which the Grand Old Man of the sport states:

"The Leader is clearly the most sensational headlamp I have been able to test during my elite career. This is absolutely the best combo between power, and comfort. Even though it is lightening your environment as no other lamp, it remains light in weight and comfortable. And night navigation becomes as simple as in day time.”

- Thierry Gueorgiou, 14-times World Champion of Orienteering

Lumonite Leader’s combination beam illuminates the entire field of vision simultaneously. It’s centre extends all the way to 370 meters, and its wide perimeter effortlessly illuminates the nearby terrain as well as the map. The Leader lamp can also be fitted without separate clamps directly onto a bike’s handlebars. Therefore, the product is perfectly suited as such for the most demanding mountain bikers.

Lumonite Slimcore 100 lithium ion battery

The lamp is powered by a state-of-the-art Slimcore 100 li-ion battery, which can be attached to a belt or bicycle bar with included multipurpose Slimholder. A perfectly fitting battery vest will be found amongst the accessories. Slimcore 100 battery is equipped with a 5 step voltage indicator where the battery level can be checked at any time by pressing a separate button.The cells are covered with sturdy aluminum housing.

The Intelligent Power Management system does not let you down when the battery runs out, as the Leader continues to illuminate at approximately 250 lumens for over an hour before the light goes out.

Contents of the package

  • Lumonite Leader lamp
  • Lumonite Leader lamp protective cover
  • Lumonite Leader lamp retaining straps
  • Lumonite Leader lithium ion battery
  • Lumonite Leader wall charger
  • Lumonite Leader extension cable 50 cm
  • Lumonite Leader headband
  • Lumonite Leader storage bag
  • Lumonite Leader manual

Technical features

  • Light Power: 5000+ lm
  • Range: 370 m
  • Beam: combination
  • Battery: Lumonite Slimcore 100, 99,6 Wh / 14,4V
  • Charging time: 4 h
  • Operating Modes: 4
  • IP rating: Lamp IPX6, Battery IPX4
  • Color temperature: 5500K
  • External dimensions: Lamp 63 x 84 x 42 mm, Battery 76 x 165 x 25 mm
  • Weight: Lamp 155 g, Battery 472 g
  • Warranty: Lamp 60 months, Charger 24 months, Battery 12 months

Performance (ANSI/FL1)

  • Max: 5000+ lm / 370 m / 2:15 h
  • High: 3000 lm / 260 m / 4:10 h
  • Med: 1000 lm / 150 m / 14:30 h
  • Low: 250 lm / 70 m / 70:00 h

Maximum power measured in the laboratory: 5581 lm


User manual

Lumonite Leader Manual (FI/EN/SE/NO)

Engineered in Finland.