Lumonite Compass Mini R

Lumonite Compass Mini R is a rechargeable headlamp, designed in Finland for demanding spare-time and professional use. The lamp can be easily charged without removing the battery, by using the Lumonite SnapCharger™ charger.  In design of Compass Mini R, our team was striving for simplicity, performance and absolute operating reliability. Its one-part case is fully water, dust and shockproof and contains no moving parts.

"That´s clearly the most impressive compact lamp I have ever seen. So much power in just a couple of centimetre makes a really good option for spare lamp while orienteering. It fits easily in every pockets and can be “life-saver” in lot of situations."

-Thierry Gueorgiou, 14-time World Champion of Orienteering

The lamp utilizes the Lumonite Releasy™ system; thanks to which the light can be removed from the headband in a single motion. This way, the lamp can be used as a hand lamp and can also be attached to a helmet, using a Lumonite Releasy™ helmet fastening. Lumonite Compass Mini R’s beam of light is designed so that the lamp can be effectively utilized in smaller operation spaces.

Lumonite Compass Mini R is powered by an easily replaceable lithium battery.

Contents of the Package

  • Lumonite Compass Mini R
  • Lumonite Compass Mini R special batteri
  • SnapCharger™ charging device
  • Lumonite Releasy™ headband with instant fastening
  • User manual (FI/SE/NO/EN)


  • Power output: 440 lm
  • Light beam: combination
  • Power source: 3.7 V / 650 mAh li-ion
  • Range: 85 meters
  • Charging time: 2 h
  • Operation modes: 3 power modes + turbo + moonlight
  • Material: aluminum
  • Keylock
  • Voltage indicator
  • Encasement rating: IPX8
  • Measures: 70 x 19 x 30 mm
  • Weight: with the battery 77 g
  • Guarantee: 60 months

Performance (ANSI/FL1)

  • Turbo: 460 lm / - / 99 m
  • High: 240 lm / 1 h 30 min / 60 m
  • Med: 95 lm / 4 h / 48 m
  • Low: 12 lm / 25 h / 20 m
  • Moon: 5 lm / 96 h

*Measured by included 650 mAh battery



Lumonite Compass Mini R manual (FI,SE,NO,EN)