Lumonite UL2 headband

Lumonite BXAUL2 is a headband, designed in Finland that delivers the weight of the light evenly, making use of the lamp nearly unnoticeable. Due to its simple design and form, the headband can be fixed quickly and easily, using just one hand. The band is produced from light and durable ethylene vinyl acetate, weighing just 44 grams.

The light is attached to the headband using Lumonite attachment bands. In the headband there are two loops through which the cable of the light can be taken to nape-side. So the cable will not disturb the user.

For exceptionally demanding use, there is also an additional support, Lumonite Y-belt available. This might be useful when carrying additional weight, such as extra-/map reading light on the headband. Otherwise the Y-belt is not needed!

Note! Additional Y-belt is compatible with the BXAUL2 headband version only!

Compatible lamps

  • Lumonite Air 1500
  • Lumonite Navigator 2500
  • Lumonite Navigator 3000
  • Lumonite Compass Mini*
  • Lumonite Compass Mini R*
  • Lumonite Compass**
  • Lumonite Compass R**

* With separately sold special adapter

** With separately sold special adapter