Lumonite Battery Vest

Lumonite Battery Vest 2 is a new generation light and flexible battery vest that fits all batteries of the Lumonite BX-series. It is designed specifically for conditions where the use of lamps is either especially quick or long-term. It is well suited to orienteering-sportsmen, skiers, bicyclists and any other sportsmen who use lamps for long periods at a time.

"The most comfortable battery vest of the market by far. It is such anatomic fitting that it feels like wearing nothing. Totally customisable in size makes the heavy breathing in competition very easy. The battery always stays in close contact with the body and never disturb the movements."

-Thierry Gueorgiou, 14-time World Champion of Orienteering

A well-fit battery vest distributes the battery’s weight evenly and makes it easy to bring with you. All batteries and lamps of the BX-series can be used with a battery vest, without the need for an extension cable. Velcro strap inside the battery pouch holds the battery pack tightly on its position, preventing the movement of the battery inside the pouch.

In addition, there is a carefully positioned hole for the cable to keep the cable close to the body. The cable perfectly reaches the lamp without a need for the extension cable.


  • One size fits all users
  • An adjustable battery pocket that enables the use of batteries of all sizes and types
  • Works with Lumonite products without an extension cable
  • Material: ethylene vinyl acetate
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Warranty: 24 months

Compatible batteries

  • Leader
  • Navigator
  • Air