Lumonite Compass UL-O-rings

Lumonite Compass UL-O-rings are perfect sized O-rings that enable attaching Lumonite Compass to the Lumonite UL headband.*

*Lumonite UL-headband = The original headband of Lumonite Air and Navigator lamps.

The adapter O-rings were specially designed for professional orienteering use, to make carrying of the spare lamp extremely easy. Thanks to the O-rings, the spare lamp can be always aimed to the right direction. This makes switching to the spare lamp very quick and easy. With this product, using Compass or Compass R as a special lamp for reading the map is also possible.

The O-rings center the spare lamp body inside the tube of headband, making the aiming perfectly accurate and stiff.

Package contains 4 pieces of O-rings.

Compatible products

Note! Fits perfectly the V4-versions of Compass and Compass R only (the body is slightly differet from the older versions).